25 May 2011

Commemorating the Refugee & Statelessness Conventions


Upcoming events:

Honouring Refugee Rights: 60th Anniversary of the Refugee Convention, Hamilton, 26-28 May 2011 [info]
- Canadian Council for Refugees Spring Consultation.

Saving International Refugee Law, Dublin, 13 June 2011 [info]
- Hosted by the Irish Refugee Council, this seminar with James Hathaway will look "at the crisis in the international refugee systems and offer suggestions for solutions."

Year of International Human Rights 2011-2012, Webster University [info]
- The theme will be "Refugee and Migrant Rights, to mark the 60th anniversary of the refugee convention. Check the web page for a listing of events scheduled throughout the year.

Past Events:

British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London, 6-8 April 2011 [info]
- A panel entitled "60 Years of the 1951 Refugee Convention: Sociological Perspectives on Rights and International Solidarity Obligations" was held under the "Law, Crime & Rights Stream" of the conference. While papers have not been posted in full-text, you can read abstracts of them.

Commemorations Newsletter, no. 1 (May 2011) [full-text]
- Highlights past events and initiatives relating to the upcoming convention anniversaries.

Expert Meeting on Preventing Statelessness among Children, Dakar, 23-24 May 2011 [info]
- Convened by UNHCR and the Open Society Justice Initiative.

Protection Gaps & Responses: Challenges and Opportunities, New York, 27 April 2011 [info]
- This report was prepared to provide background for the "discussion of the gaps in the implementation of the international protection framework for displaced and stateless persons"; also available are presentations by Adamo, Frelick, and Marshall.

"'The Refugee Convention at 60: Still fit for its Purpose? - Protection Tools for Protection Needs," Workshop on Refugees and the Refugee Convention 60 Years On: Protection and Identity, Prato, 2 May 2011 [text]
- Statement by Erika Feller, Assistant High Commissioner (Protection), UNHCR.

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