29 May 2011

New Issue of JRS

A new issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) is now available. Vol. 24, no. 2 (June 2011) includes the following articles:

  • A Mixed Blessing: Karen Resettlement to the United States [abstract]
  • The Reception of Cambodian Refugees in France [abstract] [preprint]
  • Exploring Barriers to Higher Education in Protracted Refugee Situations: The Case of Burmese Refugees in Thailand [abstract] [initial study]
  • Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Urban Labour Markets: A Case Study of the IDP Population in Soacha, Colombia [abstract]
  • The UN Principles on Housing and Property Restitution for Refugees and Displaced Persons (The Pinheiro Principles): Suggestions for Improved Applicability [abstract]
  • Marginal Women, Marginal Rights: Impediments to Gender-Based Persecution Claims by Asylum-seeking Women in Australia [abstract]
  • The Place of Complementary Therapies in an Integrated Model of Refugee Health Care: Counsellors’ and Refugee Clients’ Perspectives [abstract]
  • Sacrifice as Coping: A Case Study of the Cultural-Political Framing of Traumatic Experiences among Eelam Tamils in Norway [abstract]
  • Legal Aid for Asylum Seekers: Progress and Challenges in Italy [abstract]
Also included are 10 book reviews.

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