02 May 2011

More Anniversary Events


These events are being/were held to commemorate the 60th anniversaries of the refugee convention and UNHCR:

Rescue and Refuge: Tribute to Persons of Courage, Washington, DC, 6 April 2011 [info]
- Remarks by U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Asst. Secretary, Eric Schwartz.

Workshop on Refugees and the Refugee Convention 60 Years on: Protection and Identity, Prato, Italy, 2-3 May 2011 [info]
- Note: Some draft papers have already been uploaded.

UNHCR at 60: A Discussion with António Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Washington, DC, 5 May 2011 [info]
- Hosted by the Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement.

International Refugee Law Seminar Series, London [info]
- 9 May 2011: James Hathaway's topic will be "Is the Dublin regime really legal?" ; 9 June 2011: Geoff Gilbert's topic will be "The law of exclusion from refugee status: recent developments"

"Unsettling Resettlement," Summer Institute on Forced Migration Studies, Evanston, IL, 10-17 July 2011 [info]
- "One-week certificate program [that] actively engages participants in the interdisciplinary study of forced migration through lectures, focused group discussion, experiential learning and simulation exercises." Final registration deadline is 1 June 2011.

GRAMNet Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Colloquium: The 1951 UN Refugee Convention - 60 Years On, Glasgow, 13 June 2011 [info]
- Scroll down to view event info. A selection of papers from the colloquium proceedings will be published in the University’s Postgraduate online journal eSharp.

Other anniversaries are being celebrated this year as well, including:
  • IOM 60th Anniversary, 1951-2011 [info]
  • ODI at 50 [info]
  • Refugee Council, Sixty Years of Refugee Protection [info]

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