09 May 2011

June Events & Opportunities

Unsettling Resettlement: Summer Institute on Forced Migration Studies, Evanston, IL, 10-17 July 2011 [info]
- The registration deadline for non-visa applicants is 1 June 2011.

World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Medford, MA, 2-5 June 2011 [info]
- Registration is open!

The Nansen Conference: Climate Change and Displacement in the 21st Century, Oslo, 5–7 June 2011 [info]
- Conference participation by invitation only.

Conference on Displacement and Reconciliation, Ottawa, 9-10 June 2011 [info]
- Includes the following panels: "Displacement, transitional justice and reconciliation: Conceptual links and theoretical insights"; "Reconciliation, transitional justice and durable solutions to displacement"; "Reconciliation, peacebuilding and the resolution of displacement: Insights from Africa"; "Reconciliation and exile: Diaspora and host community experiences"; "Displacement, justice and reconciliation in Colombia"; "Displacement and reconciliation in the Middle East: Insights from key cases"; and "Advancing peace, reconciliation and the resolution of displacement in the Middle East: Challenges posed by the Palestinian case."

"European Union Law and Policy on Immigration and Asylum," Odysseus Network Summer School, Brussels, 5-14 July 2011 [info]
- Apply by 10 June 2011.

CFP: Fleeing Homophobia, Amsterdam, 5-6 September 2011 [info]
- Speakers include Jenni Millbank (University of Technology, Sydney), Nicole LaViolette (University of Ottawa), and Thomas Spijkerboer (VU University Amsterdam). Submit abstracts by 15 June 2011.

CFP: "The Five Elements of Civil Society: A New Approach to Participation in Combating Trafficking in Persons," The Protection Project Sixth Annual Symposium, Washington, DC, 2 November 2011 [info]
- Submit an abstract by 30 June 2011.

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