03 May 2011

E-Learning: Human Rights Topics, Humanitarian Action, Managing GBV Programmes, Reporting on Emergencies

AlertNet for Journalists: E-learning (AlertNet) [access]
- Provides access to six online tutorials covering various humanitarian topics, including "Reporting on refugees and displacement."

HREA Distance Learning Programme (Human Rights Education Associates) [access]
- "[O]ffers introductory e-learning courses, short and specialised courses via distance education for human rights defenders and educators, development workers, and staff members of social justice organisations, international and inter-governmental organisations."

IASC E-Learning Portal (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) [access]
- Currently, only one course available: "Different Needs - Equal Opportunities: Increasing Effectiveness of Humanitarian Action for Women, Girls, Boys and Men."

Managing Gender-based Violence Programmes in Emergencies (UNFPA) [access]
- Download the four course modules as Microsoft Word documents or listen to the audio versions.

To view e-learning opportunities reported on earlier in this blog, browse the "distance study," "manuals" and "training materials" labels.

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