15 December 2011

ETDs in American Studies, Communication, Business, Gender Studies, Geography, Law, Linguistics, Social Work, Sport Studies

Asylum Seekers Involvement in Self Employment: Study of the Influencing Factors on Business Start-up in Sweden, Thesis submitted to School of Business (UmeƄ University, May 2011) [text]

Burmese Muslim Refugee Women: Stories of Civil War, Refugee Camps and New Americans, Thesis submitted to the Dept. of American Studies (Utah State University, Aug. 2011) [text]

Europe and Extraterritorial Asylum, Dissertation submitted to Faculty of Law (Leiden University, April 2011) [delayed access]

Negotiating Tensions across Organizational Boundaries: Communication and Refugee Resettlement Organizations, Dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Communication Studies (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Oct. 2011) [text]

Reconstituting the Role of Law in Development-induced Displacement and Resettlement: Lessons from Uganda's Bujagali Hydroelectric Project, Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Univ. of British Columbia, July 2011) [text]

Refugees Negotiating Academic Literacies in First-Year College: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources, Dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language (Georgia State Univ., Dec. 2011) [delayed access]

Resiliency amidst the Fragmented Lives of Afghan Refugee Women, Thesis submitted to the Dept. of Social Work (McMaster Univ., Fall 2011) [text]

The Shadow State and Refugees: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Refugee Participation, Thesis submitted to the Dept. of Geography (Univ. of Tennessee, Aug. 2011) [text]

Using Sport to Build Community: Service-Learning with Iraqi Refugees, Dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Kinesiology and Sport Studies (Univ. of Tennessee, Aug. 2011) [text]

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