19 December 2011

Self Study Resources

Integrating the Environment into Humanitarian Action and Early Recovery (UNEP) [access]
- Training toolkit.

Nutrition in Emergencies (Emergency Nutrition Network) [access]
- This course "covers basic concepts around the humanitarian system and reform, undernutrition and response in emergencies, individual assessment and micronutrients."

Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (Advanced Training Programme on Humanitarian Action) [access]
- Interactive video on IDPs and IHL.

Resettlement Learning Programme (UNHCR) [access]
- Revised self-study module.

The Role of International Law in Humanitarian Assistance (Advanced Training Programme on Humanitarian Action) [access]
- Online training module.

Using the Great Lakes Conference to Combat Sexual and Gender Based Violence: A Primer (International Refugee Rights Initiative) [access]
- "This primer is intended to assist the work of civil society and other actors in relation to SGBV during, and in the wake of, the summit [of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)]."

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