09 December 2011

Reaffirming Protection...


Here's the text of the Ministerial Communiqué adopted yesterday at the "Intergovernmental Event at the Ministerial Level of Member States of the United Nations on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 50th Anniversary of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (7-8 December 2011)."

As noted in this news story, it reaffirms the "fundamentals of the international protection regime and of the refugee and statelessness conventions." But challenges remain, as ICVA's NGO Statement (.DOC format) outlines and as these two reports note:
  • Safe and Secure: How Do Refugees Experience Europe's Borders? Modern Challenges to Protection and the 1951 Refugee Convention (JRS Europe, Dec. 2011) [text]
  • Sweet Sixty? The 60th Anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention: Refugee Crises in 2011 and Challenges for the Future (MSF, Dec. 2011) [text]
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