07 December 2011

Tracking Pledges at Ministerial Meeting


Various folks attending the Ministerial Meeting in Geneva are tweeting about State pledges, offering a good way to get a quick gist. And you don't have to be on Twitter to follow them. For example, I learned about the following treaty accession pledges from States from @SarnataReynolds:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: 1961 Statelessness
  • Cote d'Ivoire: 1951 Stateless Persons, 1961 Statelessness & Kampala IDP Conv. (in 2012)
  • Georgia: 1954 Stateless Persons
  • Luxembourg: 1961 Statelessness
  • Portugal: 1954 Stateless Persons & 1961 Statelessness
  • Serbia: ratified 1961 Statelessness in Oct. 2011
  • Turkey: 1961 Statelessness
  • Turkmenistan: 1961 Statelessness (see also news story)
  • Uganda: 1961 Statelessness

And from #pledges4refugees, I learned that Spain will also accede to 1961 Statelessness.

Apparently, @AEUNHCR will tweet live during the treaty event later today.

The Statelessness Programme is also tweeting comments as the conference unfolds.

For reference, here's a summary of statelessness pledges from today's sessions.

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