02 December 2011

Focus on Climate Displacement


The Climate Change and Displacement Reader by Scott Leckie, Ezekiel Simperingham & Jordan Bakker is newly available from Routledge. Here is the blurb:

This compilation brings together fifty-one of the leading texts on climate change and displacement. It provides a consolidated source and substantive overview of the key issues relating to climate change and displacement, including: the reality of climate displacement; the shape of current and proposed international law on this matter; the institutional and governance framework that will address and respond to this crisis; and an analysis of what a cross-section of governments and civil society organizations are already doing to prepare for and act against climate displacement.

Other items:

Climate Displacement: Facing the Human Security Threat (World Bridge, Nov. 2011) [text]

"De la Définition et du Statut des 'Réfugiés Climatiques': Une Première Réflexion = A Few Preliminary Reflections on the Definition and Status of 'Climate Refugees'," Yearbook of the New Zealand Association for Comparative Law, vol. 16 (2010) [text via SSRN]

Environmental Migration: Policy Gaps and Response Strategies (International Peace Institute, Nov. 2011) [text]

Planned Relocations, Disasters and Climate Change, Paper presented at Conference on Climate Change and Migration in the Asia-Pacific: Legal and Policy Response, Sydney, 10-11 November 2011 [text]
- See this earlier post for access to more conference papers.

Tackling Environmental Migration in the Mediterranean Region, Paper presented at the Third Global International Studies Conference, Porto, Portugal, 17-20 August 2011 [text]

"Time to Run," Perspective, no. 2 (2011) [full-text]
- Special feature on climate change and displacement in the NRC's humanitarian and international affairs magazine.

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