12 December 2011

Focus on Europe

JRS Europe has launched a new report entitled "Safe and Secure: How Do Refugees Experience Europe's Borders? Modern Challenges to Protection and the 1951 Refugee Convention." Other recent items that focus on Europe include:

Aux bords de l’Europe: l'externalisation des contrĂ´les migratoires (Migreurop, Nov. 2011) [access]

Chronology: European Migration and Asylum Policies (Migreurop, updated Sept. 2011) [access]

Dublin and Beyond: ‘Each According to Its Abilities’? (SHARES Project, Oct. 2011) [text]

Europe and Extraterritorial Asylum, Dissertation submitted to Faculty of Law (Leiden University, April 2011) [delayed access]

"EU-Libya Agreements on Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The Need for a Reassessment," Perspectives, no. 2 (May 2011) [full-text]
- Article begins on p. 270.

I Don't Know Where to Go: The Experiences of Migrants Living in Algeria and Morocco (JRS Europe, Sept. 2011) [text]

Position Paper on the Right to Access to International Protection (Red Cross-EU Office, Nov. 2011) [text]

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