05 July 2012

Statelessness Maps

These maps complement UNHCR's compilation of states pledges referenced in this earlier post, by providing a graphic summary of some of the statelessness pledges made at the Ministerial Meeting in December 2011:

  • State Parties to the Statelessness Conventions, as at 25 June 2012 [access]
  • States Party to the Statelessness Conventions and Pledges to Accede, as at 25 June 2012 [access]
  • States which have Pledged to Undertake Studies or Awareness Campaigns in Relation to Statelessness, as at 1 May 2012 [access]
  • States which Pledged to Establish or to Take Steps to Establish Statelessness Determination Procedures, as at 25th June 2012 [access]
  • States which Pledged to Undertake Law Reform or to Improve Access to Civil Registration or Identification Documentation to Prevent and Reduce Statelessness, as at 25 June 2012 [access]

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