25 March 2013

More on "Crisis Migration"

Following on from my earlier post: I was introduced to the term "crisis migration" in this recent paper by Jane McAdam.  The paper is actually a preprint for a chapter in a forthcoming book entitled Migration and Humanitarian Crises: Causes, Consequences and Responses (Routledge, Feb. 2014).  The book, in turn, is just one of many outputs of a research project on humanitarian crises and human movement spearheaded by the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM).

More information about the project is available in this summary report, including a list of forthcoming commissioned papers.  Some of these will be incorporated as chapters in the aforementioned book; summaries of others will be featured in an upcoming issue of Forced Migration Review (the call for papers for which is available; submissions are due 2 September 2013).

Other project activities have included a review workshop (see the summary report for info. on presentations, starting on p. 4), a panel discussion at the recent IASFM14 meeting in Kolkata, India, and a presentation at the recent "The Ethics and Politics of the Global Refugee Regime" workshop, held in Princeton on 14-16 March 2013.

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