01 March 2013

Thematic Focus: Development Aid

"Development Cooperation in Fragile States: Filling or Perpetuating Gaps?," Conflict, Security & Development, vol. 12, no. 5 (2012) [free full-text]
- Introduction to special issue on "The challenges of effective development cooperation in fragile states."

"Education in Areas of Protracted Conflict," Panel at Harvard African Development Conference, Cambridge, MA, 8-9 March 2013 [info]

"Flight to Nowhere: Refugees' Plight is Worsening as their Numbers Grow and their Nature Changes," The Economist, 2 March 2013 [text]
- "Helping [refugees] increasingly resembles development aid, explains António Guterres, the head of UNHCR."

The Humanitarian Side of Statelessness; Statelessness within the Framework of the Millennium Development Goals (SSRN, Feb. 2013) [text]

Putting Refugees on the Development Agenda (New World, posted March 2012) [text]

"Refugees: The Millennium Development Goals’ Overlooked Priority Group," Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, vol. 10, no. 4 (2012) [extract]

Still Minding the Gap? A Review of Efforts to Link Relief and Development in Situations of Human Displacement, 2001-2012, PDES/2013/01 (UNHCR, Feb. 2013) [text]

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