07 March 2013

Thematic Focus: Urban Refugees


Economic Empowerment of Urban Refugee Youth: Guiding Principles (Women's Refugee Commission, Jan. 2013) [access]
- Follow the link for access to the text of the Guiding Principles, an executive summary and a presentation about them. See also related Huffington Post report.

"No Way Back? Adaptation and Urbanization of IDP Livelihoods in the Darfur Region of Sudan," Development and Change, vol. 44, no. 1 (Jan. 2013) [free full-text]

Refugee Livelihoods in Urban Areas: Identifying Program Opportunities (Feinstein International Center, Feb. 2013) [text]
- See also case studies on Ecuador, Egypt, and Israel.

"Refugees in Kenya: A Briefing on Recent Developments and Implications for Urban Refugee Policy," Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, no. 35 (March 2013) [full-text]

"Representing 'Hidden' Populations: A Symposium on Sampling Techniques," Feature section in Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 26, no. 1 (March 2013) [contents]
- Follow link for abstracts and related texts.

Urban Refugee Research and Social Capital: A Roundtable Report and Literature Review (IRC & Women's Refugee Commission, Feb. 2013) [access]

Web sites:

Urban Refugees [site] [Facebook page]
- "Our mission is to improve the plight of urban refugees and IDPs worldwide by gathering..., informing..., advocating... ."  The site currently includes general information about urban refugees/IDPs, country profiles, an idea box with best practices, news, and links to resources.

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