18 March 2013

New ETDs

Elephants of Democracy: An Unfolding Process of Resettlement in the Limpopo National Park, Dissertation (Wageningen University, May 2012) [text]

Fair and Just Hearings for Survivors of Torture: The Case for a Paradigm Shift in UK Asylum Appeals, Thesis (University of Glasgow, Jan. 2013) [text]

How Important is the CERA Recovery Strategy to Canterbury Refugees?, Thesis (University of Canterbury, 2012) [text]

A Narrative Study of the Resilience and Coping of Unaccompanied Asylum-seeking Children and Young People (UASC) Arriving in a Rural Local Authority (LA), Thesis (University of Birmingham, June 2012) [text]

Storied Displacement, Storied Faith: Engaging Church-Based Activism in Canada with Refugee Fiction and Diaspora Studies, Dissertation (McMaster University, Oct. 2012) [text]

Uncovering the Role of Community Health Worker/Lay Health Worker Programs in Addressing Health Equity for Immigrant and Refugee Women in Canada: An Instrumental and Embedded Qualitative Case Study, Dissertation (University of Ottawa, 2013) [text]

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