05 March 2013

UNHCR & the Development Displaced?

PDES included a link to my recent post on development-induced displacement on its Facebook page, along with the question, "Should UNHCR get involved in this issue?"

No one has responded yet, but I was wondering if there have been calls in the past for UNHCR's involvement in this area?  Does anyone have literature references to pass along?

There have certainly been plenty of calls for UNHCR's involvement in other types of displacement situations, most recently those relating to climate change.  And it seems that the agency has been perfectly willing to become engaged in this area (see its web page devoted to the topic).  So why the one and not the other?

Interestingly, in this recent paper published as part of UNHCR's Legal and Protection Policy Research Series, Beth Ferris points out some of the lessons learned from work in the development-induced displacement field that can be applied to climate displacement scenarios!

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