14 October 2013

EXCOM 2013 Wrap-up

The 64th Session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme (EXCOM) ended on 4 October 2013, with the HC calling for a renewed determination to "do everything we can to make sure that the people we are supposed to protect, assist and help find solutions for suffer as little as possible and find an end to their plight as soon as possible."

Here are a few of the speeches that were made during the week:
HC's opening statement (and related news story)
- EU Delegation
- NGO general debate statement
- DIP statement (and related news story)
- HC's closing statement

And here is the Report of the Sixty-fourth Session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme, UN Doc. No. A/AC/96/1132 (UN General Assembly, Oct. 2013).  This year's Conclusion on International Protection focuses on civil registration.

All High-level Segment and plenary session documents are available via the 2013 EXCOM page.

[Image credit: ©UNHCR/J-MFerr√©; "UNHCR says it is 'stretched to the limit' by the rising number of refugees," UNHCR, 1 Oct. 2013]

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