14 October 2013

Regional Focus: Europe

Access of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and IDPs to Socio-Economic Rights: The Case of Georgia, CARIM-East Explanatory Note 13/128 (Migration Policy Centre, Sept. 2013) [text]

Asylum (UK Home Affairs Committee, Oct. 2013) [access]
- Follow link for volumes I and II of the inquiry's report; see also more information about the process undertaken.

Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Georgia: The Challenges of Social Cohesion, CARIM-East Explanatory Note 13/130 (Migration Policy Centre, Oct. 2013) [text]

The Death of Migrants in the Mediterranean is a Truly ‘European’ Tragedy (EUROPP Blog, Oct. 2013) [text]

Dublin, Italy and the Tragedy at Lampedusa (Free Movement Blog, Oct. 2013) [text]

Lampedusa: Only the Dead Can Stay (Hein de Haas Blog, Oct. 2013) [text]

Migrants, Asylum Seekers Re-route to Avoid Greece (IRIN, Oct. 2013) [text]

Socio-Economic Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and IDPs in the Republic of Armenia, CARIM-East Explanatory Note 13/126 (Migration Policy Centre, Sept. 2013) [text]

UNHCR Chief Expresses Shock at New Mediterranean Boat Tragedy (UNHCR, Oct. 2013) [text]

Update on UNHCR’s Operations in Europe (EXCOM, Sept. 2013) [text]

Why AEDH is against the Signing of European Union Readmission Agreements (AEDH, Oct. 2013) [text]
- See also the press release in French, English and Spanish, and the report in French.

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