18 October 2013

World Disasters Report 2013

The 2013 edition of the World Disasters Report was launched yesterday. The focus of this issue is "Technology and the Future of Humanitarian Action."  Here's part of the description:

"The World Disasters Report 2013 examines the profound impact of technological innovations on humanitarian action, how humanitarians employ technology in new and creative ways, and what risks and opportunities may emerge as a result of technological innovations. The responsible use of technology offers concrete ways to make humanitarian assistance more effective, efficient and accountable and can, in turn, directly reduce vulnerability and strengthen resilience. Finding ways for advances in technology to serve the most vulnerable is a moral imperative; a responsibility, not a choice."

A related blog is also available.  The report is provided in English, with summaries in Arabic, French and Spanish.  Previous editions can be accessed via my research guide.

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