27 February 2017

Events & Opportunities: Additional March 2017

CFP: Brexit Migration Watch [info]
- A new Open Democracy series; no deadline indicted.

*Job announcement: Staff Attorney, Immigrants' Rights Clinic, Stanford Law School [info]
- No deadline indicted.

Course: Migration and the (Inter-)National Order of Things: Law, State Practices and Resistance, Bergen Summer Research School, 12-22 June 2017 [info]
- Apply by 1 March 2017.

Job announcement: Researchers, Migration and Displacement Pillar, Samuel Hall [info]
- Apply by 1 March 2017.

*Training: Statelessness Determination Procedure, Glasgow, 2 March 2017 [info]

*Conference: Seeking Refuge: Faith-Based Approaches to Forced Migration, Princeton, NJ, 3-4 March 2017 [info]

Panel discussion: Re-centralising the Migrant Debate around Human Rights: The Global Compact on Refugees and Migrants, London, 8 March 2017 [info]

Oration: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Shaping International Responses to Climate Change, Disasters and Displacement, Sydney, 9 March 2017 [info]

Conference: Protecting Stateless Persons from Arbitrary Detention, Budapest, 4-5 May 2017 [info]
- Registration deadline is 15 March 2017.

*Job announcement: Senior Legal Analyst, Center for Migration & Refugee Studies
- Applicants sought for 24-month appointment as lead researcher for project on "Refugee Rights and Entitlements in Egypt." E-mail cmrs@aucegypt.edu for more info. Apply by 15 March 2017.

Lecture: Europe, Refugees and Our Obsession with Borders: A Crisis of Political Courage, Sydney (Paddington Campus), 15 March 2017 [info]

*Summer fellowship: Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program [info]
- Application deadline is 15 March 2017.


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