17 February 2017

Regional Focus: United States

"The Arrest of 680 Undocumented Immigrants in One Week is not so Unusual," New York Times, 16 Feb. 2017 [text]

"The Evolving and Diversifying Nature of Migration to the U.S.-Mexico Border," Migration Information Source, 16 Feb. 2017 [text]

Hateful Words and Helpful Actions (The Asylumist Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

ICE Immigration Raids: A Primer (TRAC, Feb. 2017) [text]

Immigration and Crime: What Does the Research Say? (The Conversation, Feb. 2017) [text]

Leaked Draft of Possible Trump Executive Order on Public Benefits Would Spell Chilling Effects for Legal Immigrants (Migration Policy Institute, Feb. 2017) [text]

"A Look at Trump’s Other Immigration Executive Order under Debate," Yahoo News, 13 Feb. 2017 [text]

Non-Citizens are not Voting. Here are the Facts (Brennan Center for Justice Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

Syrian Refugees 'Detrimental' to Americans? The Numbers Tell a Different Story (The Conversation, Feb. 2017) [text]

Trump Administration Prepares to Execute "Vicious" Executive Order on Deportations (The Intercept, Feb. 2017) [text]

Trump, Turmoil, and Terrorism: The US Immigration and Refugee Ban (Kaldor Centre, Feb. 2017) [text]

"Trump Will Issue New Travel Order Instead of Fighting Case in Court," New York Times, 16 Feb. 2017 [text]

Unlike Bush, Trump Invokes Terror Threat and Gets Pushback, not Deference (NPR, Feb. 2017) [text]

The U.S. does not Shortchange Christian Refugees (Human Rights Watch, Feb. 2017) [text]

The US Has Never Been This Divided on Immigration. It’s Time for Compromise (World Economic Forum Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

A U.S. Immigration Clinic in the Age of Trump (Border Criminologies Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

Witnessing the Impact of the Border Security EO on One Immigration Detention Facility (ImmigrationProf Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

Working-Class Immigrants Access Fewer Benefits than U.S.-Born Individuals (ImmigrationProf Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]

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