07 February 2017

Regional Focus: Europe


The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) has begun updating its reports for 20 European countries: "The reports provide an updated and thorough overview of statistics, legal and policy frameworks and practices in the areas of asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention of asylum seekers and rights of recognised beneficiaries of protection."

Visit AIDA to track revised reports as they are issued (as of this writing, updates for Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia are now available).


Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Homelessness: The Humanitarian Crisis and the Homelessness Sector in Europe (European Observatory on Homelessness, Dec. 2016) [text]

IOM-EU Cooperation on Migration and Mobility: Addressing the Valletta Summit Priorities Together (IOM, Feb. 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

Jobs, Crime, and Votes: A Short-Run Evaluation of the Refugee Crisis in Germany, IZA Discussion Paper, no. 10494 (Institute of Labor Economics, Jan. 2017) [text via SSRN]

*Myopic in Malta: Europe’s Short-sighted Migration Policy with Libya (IRIN, Feb. 2017) [text]

*The Need to Reform European Migration Policies (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Feb. 2017) [text via Refworld]

New EU Partnerships in North Africa: Potential to Backfire? (Migration Policy Institute, Feb. 2017) [text]

Offshore Processing of Asylum Applications: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? (Centre for European Policy Studies, Jan. 2017) [text]

Quotas as an Instrument of Burden-Sharing in International Refugee Law: The Many Facets of an Instrument Still in the Making (SSRN, Feb. 2017) [text]
- Includes focus on Austria.

Reshaping the External Dimension of EU Asylum Policy: The Difficult Quest for a Comprehensive Approach (Istituto per lo Studio della Multietnicità, Jan. 2017) [text via Academia.edu]

Safe Countries of Origin: Proposed Common EU List [EU Legislation in Progress] (EPRS, Feb. 2017) [text]

What Does the Brexit White Paper Say about Immigration? (Free Movement Blog, Feb. 2017) [text]


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