27 February 2017

News: UNHCR Mid-Year Trends 2016

UNHCR's latest Mid-Year Trends report looks at trends in displacement that occurred during the first half of 2016. From the press release:

"Conflict, persecution and violence newly uprooted at least 3.2 million people in the first half of last year, and low- and middle-income countries played the greatest role in sheltering the world’s displaced, a new report by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has found. In the first half of last year, 1.7 million people were newly displaced within their own country, while 1.5 million had crossed an international border, UNHCR’s Mid-Year Trends 2016 report shows. While the numbers of newly displaced were one third lower than during the same period in 2015, when 5 million people were newly displaced, the global total continued to rise. Prospects for displaced people to return to their homes remained slim while conflicts intensified."

Statistical tables are available separately as a .zip file.

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