05 November 2020

New Issue of FMR

The November 2020 issue of Forced Migration Review (FMR) has been published. Two themes are explored: 

"FMR issue 65’s main feature on 'Recognising Refugees' explores shortcomings, challenges and innovations (and their consequences for refugees/asylum seekers) in refugee status determination processes worldwide. [Includes 21 articles.] A second feature offers reflections on lessons and good practice emerging from the 2018–20 GP20 Plan of Action for IDPs. [Includes 9 articles.]"

The Editors' Briefing provides a more detailed overview of the themed articles. In addition, readers can access FMR articles 1) individually, in HTML & PDF formats, 2) via standalone PDFs for each of the two themes, or 3) as one complete issue.

Back issues of FMR are available here.

FMR is an open access publication. It is available online and in print in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Audio versions of articles are available in English.

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