20 November 2020

Opportunities: December 2020

Call for applications: Peter Salama Refugee MPH Scholarship  in Humanitarian Health [info
- Deadline is 1 December 2020.

Call for applications: Asylum Clinic Fellowship Program, Center for Applied Legal Studies, Georgetown Law School [info]
- Deadline is 1 December 2020.

Call for registration: Stakeholder Meeting on Refugee Resettlement in the United States, 1-2 December 2020 [info]

Discussion panel: A Humanitarian Reset: Impacts of a Historic Year, 4 December 2020 [info]

Seminar: Global Policy Debates, Mobility and Natural Hazards, 9 December 2020 [info]

Call for registration: "Conflicting Responses to Refugees and Migrants in Covid-19 Europe - Vulnerability, Hostility and the Prospects of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum,"  MAPS Jean Monnet Network Conference, Online, 11 December 2020 [info]
- Register by 10 December 2020.

Debate: The Quantification of Needs, 10 December 2020 [info]

Call for participants: Survey on Immigrant Inclusion in the US and UK
- Two surveys are available, one for the UK and the other for the US. Complete surveys by 12 December 2020.

Job announcement: Postdoctoral Researcher, RefMig Project [info]
- Candidate will join research team focusing on "refugee recognition." Apply by 13 December 2020.

Webinar: Deportation Union: The Role of Frontex, 14 December 2020 [info]

Webinar: Refugee Responses to Ongoing Displacement, 15 December 2020
- Note: No info is available yet, but details will no doubt be posted on the Trafig Twitter feed.

CFP: Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies [info]
- Contributions sought for special issue on "Towards a New Migration and Asylum Research Agenda in the Americas." Submit abstracts by 20 December 2020.

Job announcement: Postdoctoral Researcher, Nuffield College, Oxford Univ. [info]
- Candidate will support the work of the "International NGOs in the Long Humanitarian Century: Legacy, Legitimacy and Leading into the Future" research programme. Apply by 21 December 2020.

CFP: Social Sciences [info]
- Contributions sought for special issue on "Human Rights and Displaced People in Exceptional Times." Submission deadline is 31 December 2020.

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