17 November 2020

Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1



Vienna Migration Conference 2020: Schengen, asylum reform and Europe’s migration diplomacy: Has COVID-19 changed everything?, 16-19 November 2020 [info]
- Note: Apologies for not posting this sooner!

High-level Inter-parliamentary Conference on Migration and Asylum in Europe, 19 November 2020 [info]

Blog posts:

The EU’s “New Pact on Migration and Asylum” is missing a true foundation (Order from Chaos, Nov. 2020) [text]

European Refugee Policy: What’s Gone Wrong and How to Make It Better (RI Blog, Nov. 2020) [text]

Fickle nationalism or international co-operation? (Refugee Research Online, Nov. 2020) [text]

The New Pact: Supporting or constraining mobility out of protracted displacement? (Trafig Blog, Nov. 2020) [text]

The New Pact and EU Agencies: an ambivalent approach towards administrative integration (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy Blog, Nov. 2020) [text]

*Uniform And Fair Asylum Procedures At The EU Borders Have Not Been Achieved (EPRS, Nov. 2020) [text]

What a difference two decades make? The shift from temporary to immediate protection in the new European Pact on Asylum and Migration (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy Blog, Nov. 2020) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Beyond the ‘Migration Crisis’: The Evolving Role of EU Agencies in the Administrative Governance of the Asylum and External Border Control Policies," Chapter in The Role of EU Agencies in the Eurozone and Migration Crisis: Impact and Future Challenges (Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming Feb. 2021) [preprint]

The EU and the Politics of Migration Management in Afghanistan (Chatham House, Nov. 2020) [text]

Exclusion: Articles 12 and 17 Qualification Directive, 2nd ed., EASO Professional Development Series for members of courts and tribunals (European Asylum Support Office & IARMJ, Oct. 2020) [judicial analysis] [compilation of jurisprudence]

Migration and Asylum Seekers: ESPON Evidences (ESPON, Aug. 2020) [text via HAL]

*More Snapshots from the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (European Commission, Nov. 2020) [text]
- "A collection of selected projects from 26 EU Member States tackling issues across various areas, such as gender-based violence, asylum, refugees’ integration, disease prevention and promotion of health of migrant women and their families."

Pushbacks and Rights Violations at Europe’s Borders: The State of Play 2020 (Refugee Rights Europe, Nov. 2020) [text]

Reception of Applicants for International Protection - Judicial Analysis, EASO Professional Development Series for members of courts and tribunals (European Asylum Support Office, Oct. 2020) [text]

Reforming asylum and migration management: A shift towards greater solidarity? (European Parliament, Oct. 2020) [text]

"Refugees Welcome? Cross-European Public Opinion on Asylum Seekers Following 2015 Crisis," Eurasia Review, 30 Oct. 2020 [text]

*Screening of Third-country Nationals at the EU External Borders (European Parliament, Nov. 2020) [text]


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