26 August 2011

New Publications

EU Initiatives Supporting the Integration of Third-country Nationals (European Commission, July 2011) [text]

Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping, 2nd ed. (MapAction, July 2011) [text]

Living Hand to Mouth: Protection Funding and Coordination in South Sudan, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 218 (UNHCR, Aug. 2011) [text]

"Notes from the Field: Mortality Among Refugees Fleeing Somalia - Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya, July-August 2011," Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, vol. 60, no. 33 (Aug. 2011) [text]

Refugee Roulette, European Style (IntLawGrrls, Aug. 2011) [text]

Uprooted and Unrestored: A Comparative Review of Durable Solutions for People Displaced by Conflict in Colombia and Liberia, PDES/2011/09 (UNHCR, Aug. 2011) [text]

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