15 August 2011


Since theses and dissertations are popping up more regularly on my information radar, I decided to add a link to all posts that reference these items in the sidebar under "Special Features."

  • Anywhere But Here: Locating the Border and Narrating Asylum Seekers under Australia's Policy of Territorial Excision, Thesis submitted to Faculty of Law (McGill University, Nov. 2010) [text]
  • HIV Services for Refugees in Egypt: An Evaluative Study, Thesis submitted to Center For Migration and Refugee Studies (American University in Cairo, May 2010) [text]
  • Livelihoods and Family Formation among Eritrean Refugees in Cairo, Thesis submitted to Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (American University in Cairo, Jan. 2010) [text]
  • Mortality in the Darfur Conflict: A Study of Large-scale Patterns Based on a Meta-analysis of Small-scale Surveys, Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (UniversitĂ© catholique de Louvain, Feb. 2011) [text]
  • Palestinian Refugees in the Levant: Alternate Theories for Disparity in Treatment, Thesis submitted for MA in Security Studies (Naval Postgraduate School, June 2011) [text]
  • The Sahrawi Refugees and their National Identity: A Qualitative Study of How the Sahrawi Refugees Present their National Identity in Online Blogs, Thesis submitted to Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Oslo, May 2010) [text]
  • The UNHCR and Its Role in the Debate on the Refoulement and Interception of Refugees on the High Seas, Thesis submitted to the Department of International Relations and European Studies (Central European University, 2011) [text]
  • Utilization of Higher Education: A Review of Employment Challenges and Job Practice among Refugees in Norway, Thesis submitted to Faculty of Education (Oslo University College, May 2011) [text]

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