08 August 2011

New UNHCR Publications on Detention Alternatives, Exclusion, Gangs, Local Integration, Protection and Reception in Europe

The Benefits of Belonging: Local Integration Options and Opportunities for Host Countries, Communities and Refugees (2011) [text]

Exclusion at a Crossroads: The Interplay between International Criminal Law and Refugee Law in the Area of Extended Liability, Legal and Protection Policy Research Series (June 2011) [text]

Global Roundtable on Alternatives to Detention of Asylum-Seekers, Refugees, Migrants and Stateless Persons: Summary Conclusions (July 2011) [text]

Living in a World of Violence: An Introduction to the Gang Phenomenon, Legal and Protection Policy Research Series (July 2011) [text]

Safe at Last? Law and Practice in Selected EU Member States with Respect to Asylum-Seekers Fleeing Indiscriminate Violence (July 2011) [text]

UNHCR Statement on the Reception Conditions of Asylum-seekers under the Dublin Procedure (August 2011) [text]

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