29 August 2011

Upcoming APSA Meeting

The American Political Science Association (APSA) will hold its annual meeting on 1-4 September 2011 in Seattle, WA. Browse the (very long) program for relevant panels and papers or use the search feature.

Several titles that may be of interest to readers are listed below. Some of the papers are already available online, and more will no doubt be posted in the near future.

Border Interventions: A Response to Refugee-Influx? [info]

Displacement within and across Civil Wars [info]

Forgotten Conflicts: Need Versus Political Priority in the Allocation of International Humanitarian Assistance [info]

Human Trafficking, Organized Crime and Border Control: Vicious or Virtuous Cycle? [text]

The Persona of Personhood: Asylum Courts and the Performance of Legal Subjectivity [info]

Political Competition and Refugee Policy [text]

Refugees, Conflict and Ethnic Power Relations [text]

The Right to Political Community: From State of Nature to the Nature of Statelessness [info]

The Specter of Exceptional Membership: Welfare Reform, Race, and Refugee Status in America [info]

The State, Statelessness, and the Case for Cosmopolitanism [info]

UNHCR and Refugee Rights Protection in Ecuador: The Effects of Non-State Institutional Innovation on Peacebuilding and Human Security [text]

Unpacking the Question of Rights for Environmental Refugees: What If Securitization is Not the Only Thing to Blame? [text]

Victim or Villain? The Sexual Politics of Victims' Rights and Migrants' Rights in the "War on Trafficking" [info]

When Family Members are the Persecutors: The Impact of Political Asylum Cases on the Discourse of International Women's Human Rights [info]

Who is a Refugee?: How International Institutions Adapt at Implementation [info]

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