28 September 2011

Focus on Africa/African Refugees


"African Refugees and the Challenges to UNHCR," Chapter in The African State in a Changing Global Context: Breakdowns and Transformations (LIT Verlag, 2011) [Google preview] [info]

African Refugees and Immigrants 60 years after the Refugee Convention: Challenges and Opportunities, Washington, DC, 2-4 May 2011 [conf. summary]

African Refugees in the Amazon (IPS, Sept. 2011) [text]

Mixed Responses to Mixed Migration in Africa (IRIN, Sept. 2011) [text]

Protecting Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants in South Africa during 2010 (CoRMSA, April 2011) [text]

Somalia: A Humanitarian and Human Rights Catastrophe (Amnesty International, Sept. 2011) [text]

Somalia and the International Status Quo in Refugee Management (MSF CRASH, Sept. 2011) [text]

Stateless in Zimbabwe, the Only Country They’ve Ever Called Home (Statelessness Programme Blog, Sept. 2011) [text]

Yemen: 2011 Humanitarian Response Plan (OCHA, Dec. 2010) [text via Refworld]

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