23 September 2011

Focus on Europe

The Different National Practices concerning Granting of non-EU Harmonised Protection Statuses: Synthesis Report (European Migration Network, Dec. 2010) [access]
- See also annexes and individual country reports.

Implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and its Impact on EU Home Affairs Agencies: Frontex, Europol and the European Asylum Support Office (European Parliament, Sept. 2011) [text via Migrants at Sea]

Refugees at the Border: Country Reports on Activities Related to the Access to the Territory and Asylum Procedure for Persons in Need of International Protection (UNHCR Central Europe, Nov. 2010) [text]

Serbia as a Safe Third Country: A Wrong Presumption (Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Sept. 2011) [text]

They Can't Send Me Back: Uyghur Asylum Seekers in Europe (Uyghur Human Rights Project, Sept. 2011) [text]

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