02 September 2011

New Publications on Education, Mental Health, Pakistan Flood Survivors, Second Language Learning

Conflict and its Impact on Educational Accumulation and Enrollment in Colombia: What We Can Learn from Recent IDPs, IZA Discussion Paper, no. 5939 (Institute for the Study of Labor, Aug. 2011) [text]

"EMDR versus Stabilisation in Traumatised Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Results of a Pilot Study," European Journal of Psychotraumatology, vol. 2 (2011) [open access article]

"'No God and No Norway': Collective Resource Loss among Members of Tamil NGO's in Norway during and after the Last Phase of the Civil War in Sri Lanka," International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 5: 18 (Aug. 2011) [open access article]

Pakistan: Flood Survivors Still Struggling to Recover (Refugees International, Aug. 2011) [text]

"Trauma and Second Language Learning Among Laotian Refugees," Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement, vol. 6 (2011) [open access article]

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