08 September 2011

Focus on UNHCR

In light of UNHCR's 60th anniversary, the organization will no doubt serve as the subject of more studies. Here are a few that popped up on my radar screen recently:

"Climate Change and Institutional Change in UNHCR," chapter in Climate Change and Migration: Rethinking Policies for Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction, pp. 104-116 (UNU & Munich Re, April 2011) [text]

"The Misrepresentation of Refugees: Effects on Protracted Refugee Situations," Undercurrent: The Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Development Studies, vol. 8, no. 1 (Spring/Summer 2011) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 68 of the journal.

"'Mopping-up': UNHCR, Neutrality and Non-Refoulement since the Cold War," Chinese Journal of International Law, Advance Access, 27 July 2011 [info]

The Perilous Path of the UNHCR (e-IR, July 2011) [text]

UNHCR and the Protection Mandate (World Politics Review, Feb. 2011) [info]

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