02 September 2011


Another listing of theses:

  • The Causes of Refugee Militarization, Thesis submitted to Department of Political Science (Univ. of Michigan, March 2011) [text]
  • Giving Voice to Strengths: Migration Stories of Armenian Immigrants and Refugees, Dissertation submitted to Graduate School of Education and Psychology (Pepperdine University, June 2011) [text]
  • Measuring the Scope of Sustainability of Sustainable Development Projects and Microcredit in Eritrean Refugee Camps in Eastern Sudan, Paper submitted for MA in Sustainable Development (SIT Graduate Institute, July 2011) [text]
  • Moral Principles of Refugee Protection in the European Union: Rhetoric and Reality, Thesis submitted to Department of International Relations and European Studies (Central European University, 2011) [text]
  • Seeking Justice: The Role of International Protection and Reparations for Palestinian Refugees, Essay submitted to Committee on Degrees in Social Studies (Harvard College, March 2011) [text]
  • The Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law: The Issue of Interpretation and Implementation of Article 1D of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees in Europe, Thesis submitted to Department of Legal Studies (Central European University, 2010) [text]
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