04 September 2012

Admin: Request for Feedback

For me, September signifies the start of a new academic term - and, potentially, new readers of this blog!  So it's a month that seems appropriate for considering changes that might be made to make this blog a more effective resource.  On that note...

1.  Relevance vs. currency:

This year, I have experimented with grouping references together on either a (roughly) thematic or regional basis.  (In the past, I essentially waited to accumulate five or so references and then I posted them under a "New Publications" heading.)

The advantage of proceeding in this fashion is that readers can more easily determine whether or not a post is relevant to them - and if it is, more of the references listed might be of interest.  The disadvantage is that it takes longer to compile such "mini-bibliographies," so when some references are finally posted, they are not quite as current as they could be.

My question to you is, do you have a preference?  Or an idea for a completely different approach?

2.  Do you have any other suggestions for the blog?  For example, "I would like more of x/less of y" or "Can you track x type of resource?"

3.  Finally, I've managed to stockpile a number of pending posts, which I'm now dutifully trying to get out there, so please forgive the deluge of information!

1 comment:

jacksometer said...

1. Definitely Relevance. This blog is about resources. I do follow it on a regular basis but I also run searches every now & then to find older content. Having it organized by theme/area makes it a lot easier.

2. Suggestions:
- Including images, both pictures & videos, in your "bundles". NGOs, IGOs & photojournalism blogs and so on publish images frequently and collecting them on FMCA would add value & depth.

- Creating a Controversy type of bundle, where you'd collect opposing opinion pieces/articles/papers on hot & debated topics. Most of the material collected on this blog is highly political in nature: this would highlight this & give an opportunity to put things in perspective.

Many thanks for curating this blog, it has become one of my go-to work-related online resources.