12 September 2012

New Issue of JRS

A new issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (vol. 25, no. 3, Sept. 2012) is now available.  Articles focus on the theme of "The Refugee in the Postwar World, 1945–1960" (see info. on a related conference of the same name) and include the following:

  • The Uneven Development of the International Refugee Regime in Postwar Asia: Evidence from China, Hong Kong and Indonesia [abstract]
  • Too Much Nationality: Kashmiri Refugees, the South Asian Refugee Regime, and a Refugee State, 1947–1974 [abstract]
  • Entangled or ‘Extruded’ Histories? Displacement, National Refugees, and Repatriation after the Second World War [abstract]
  • The Challenge of Categories: UNRWA and the Definition of a ‘Palestine Refugee’ [abstract]
  • Borders Transformed: Sovereign Concerns, Population Movements and the Making of Territorial Frontiers in Hong Kong, 1949–1967 [abstract]
  • ‘Help the People to Help Themselves’: UNRRA Relief Workers and European Displaced Persons [abstract]
  • The Ambivalent Exception: American Occupation Policy in Postwar Germany and the Formation of Jewish Refugee Spaces [abstract]
  • Migration, Sacrifice and the Crisis of Muslim Nationalism [abstract] [author homepage]

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