03 September 2012

Focus: Europe

ECRE Comments on the Commission Proposals on the Future of EU Funding in the Area of Migration & Asylum (ECRE, Aug. 2012) [text]

Hidden Emergency: Migrant Deaths in the Mediterranean (Human Rights Watch, Aug. 2012) [text]

Integration of Refugees into the European Educational and Labour Market: Requirements for a Target Group-Oriented Approach (EduAsyl, 2012) [access]
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Interventions at the Court of Justice of the EU (UNHCR, Aug. 2012) [access]

Interventions at the European Court of Human Rights (UNHCR, Aug. 2012) [access]

Judicial Checklist of Country of Origin Information and Due Process in the Light of EU (Fundamental) Law, RLI Working Paper, no. 6 (Refugee Law Initiative, July 2012) [text]

"'Tolerated Stay': What Protection Does It Give?," Forced Migration Review, no. 40 (Aug. 2012) [full-text]

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