04 September 2012

ETDs in Anthropology, Counseling, Cultural Anthropology, Gender Studies, History, Public Health, Sociology

Bosnian Refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky: Refugee Resettlement and Community Based Research, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Department of Sociology (Western Kentucky University, Aug. 2012) [text]

Chronic Conditions of US-bound Cuban Refugees: October 2008-September 2011, Thesis submitted to the Graduate Faculty (Georgia State University, July 2012) [text]

The Everyday Violence of Forced Displacement: Community, Memory and Identity Politics among Kurdish Internal Forced Migrants in Turkey, Dissertation submitted to the Social Sciences Faculty (Universiteit Utrecht, 2011) [text]

'Only the People Outside Know What It's Like' - A Discourse Analysis on Migrant Illegality and How Rejected Asylum Seekers Assign Meaning to Their Experiences in the Netherlands, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Humanities (Universiteit Utrecht, July 2012) [text]

Shadow Colony: Refugees and the Pursuit of the Liberian-American Dream, Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences (American University, Aug. 2011) [text]

A Study of Social Injustice and Forgiveness in the Case of North Korean Refugees, Dissertation submitted to the Center for Counseling and Family Studies (Liberty University, Aug. 2012) [text]

Unwanted Refugees: Chinese Migration and the Making of a Global Humanitarian Agenda, 1949-1989, Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Univ. of British Columbia, Aug. 2012) [text]

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