13 May 2014

Regional Focus: Canada, incl. Health

The Alarming New Blueprint for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Policy (Broadbent Blog, April 2014) [text via Oppenheimer Chair]

Cessation: Stripping Refugees of Their Status in Canada (Canadian Council for Refugees, May 2014) [text]

"The Cost and Impact of the Interim Federal Health Program Cuts on Child Refugees in Canada," PLoS ONE 9(5): e96902 (May 2014) [open access]
- See also this Correction.

Court Rules that Helping Refugees is a Criminal Offence in Canada (Canadian Council for Refugees, April 2014) [text]

"Healthcare is Political: Case Example of Physician Advocacy in Response to the Cuts to Refugees’ and Claimants’ Healthcare Coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program," University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine, vol. 4, no 1 (May 2014) [full-text]

"Obstetric Risks and Outcomes of Refugee Women at a Single Centre in Toronto," Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, vol. 36, no. 4 (May 2014) [full-text]

Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees, vol. 30, no. 1 (2014) [open access]
- This issue includes the following articles that focus on refugees in Canada: "Social Navigation and the Resettlement Experiences of Separated Children in Canada"; "Queer Settlers: Questioning Settler Colonialism in LGBT Asylum Processes in Canada"; "A Study of the Experiences of Integration and Settlement of Afghan Government-Assisted Refugees in Halifax, Canada"; "The 'Bogus' Refugee: Roma Asylum Claimants and Discourses of Fraud in Canada’s Bill C-31"; and "'Waiting for a Wife': Transnational Marriages and the Social Dimensions of Refugee 'Integration'."

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