27 October 2014

Open Access Week: Wrap-up

Open Access Week may be over but raising awareness about open access in the forced migration research context will continue in two ways:

First, if you follow this blog, you know already that I link to a wide variety of information that is freely available online, including research that is reported in ETDs and scholarly journals.  But I plan on taking steps to more actively seek out open access articles in both journals and repositories, since this type of information is not systematically collected by other forced migration resources.

Second, in the interest of providing one central focal point for sharing information about open access, I am launching a new web site: Forced Migration & Open Access.  Right now, it provides an introduction to open access and guidance on how authors can make their work open access.  But it will continue to evolve, with additional posts on various OA issues and comparative information on journals, both OA and subscription-based.

And in the future, this site will also serve as the locus for a case study of the self-archiving rates of authors who publish in the three principal forced migration-related journals, IJRL, JRS & RSQ.  An earlier version focused just on JRS.  So please be sure to check back!

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