10 October 2014

News: New Refugee Law Blog

The University of Michigan Law School's Program in Refugee and Asylum Law has just launched RefLAW, "an online forum offering critical analysis on important new cases, legislation, and emerging issues in refugee law." (Here is the press release.) It plans to publish both longer articles (such as this one on an Australian Federal Court decision) and shorter notes (like this one on the recent Israeli Supreme Court judgment). Submissions for future commentary are currently being solicited.

RefLAW ultimately replaces the Refugee Caselaw site. As the web site notes: "Following UNHCR’s fundamental retooling of its caselaw collection, it became evident that there was no longer a need for refugeecaselaw.org to continue operating in its previous capacity."  While the latter site is still online, users should be aware that it is no longer being updated, and may ultimately be removed entirely.

Other blogs that regularly provide information and commentary on a range of refugee law and policy issues include the following (their focus is indicated in parentheses):

And of course, you can also find numerous references to relevant commentary appearing in more general legal blogs right here on Forced Migration Current Awareness!

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