05 January 2015

New Book Titles

Please check out my Pinterest page for new books due out in January 2015. I've also added information about a few additional titles to the Dec. 2014 and the Reference book boards.

If you are not a member of Pinterest, the titles are listed below for your reference.

Jan. 2015:

David van der Linden, Experiencing Exile: Huguenot Refugees in the Dutch Republic, 1680–1700, Ashgate, Jan. 2015

Barry Chiswick & Paul W. Miller, eds., Handbook of the Economics of International Migration, vol. 1A&B (set), North Holland, Jan. 2015

Gerry Reddy, Eddie Smyth & Michael Steyn, Land Access and Resettlement: A Guide to Best Practice, Greenleaf Publishing, Jan. 2015

Ayten Gündogdu, Rightlessness in an Age of Rights: Hannah Arendt and the Contemporary Struggles of Migrants, Oxford University Press, Jan. 2015

Jutta Lindert & Itzhak Levav, eds., Violence and Mental Health: Its Manifold Faces, Springer, Jan. 2015; see esp. Chapter 16, "The New H5 Model of Refugee Trauma and Recovery"

Dec. 2014:

Jean P. Palutikof, Sarah L. Boulter, Jon Barnett & David Rissik, eds., Applied Studies in Climate Adaptation, Wiley, Dec. 2014; see esp. Chapter 28, “Experiences of Resettled Refugees during the 2011 Queensland Floods”

Umut Özsu, Formalizing Displacement: International Law and Population Transfers, Oxford University Press, Dec. 2014

Reference Books:

Tim Allen, A Dictionary of Humanitarianism, Routledge, Jan. 2015

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