20 January 2015

Thematic Focus: Health, General

"Access to Medicines by Child Refugees in the East Midlands Region of England: A Cross-sectional Study," BMJ Open, vol. 4, no. 12, e006421 (Dec. 2014) [open access]

"Human Trafficking: Role of Oral Health Care Providers," Journal of Forensic Odonto-stomatology, vol. 32, suppl. 1 (Nov. 2014) [free full-text via PubMed]

"Lessons Learnt from Coordinating Emergency Health Response during Humanitarian Crises: A Case Study of Implementation of the Health Cluster in Northern Uganda," Conflict and Health, 9:1 (Jan. 2015) [open access]

"Measles Outbreak Response among Adolescent and Adult Somali Refugees Displaced by Famine in Kenya and Ethiopia, 2011," Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol. 210, no. 12 (Dec. 2014) [free full-text]

Operational Guidelines on Improving Newborn Health in Refugee Operations (UNHCR, 2014) [text]

"Training for Health Care Professionals in the Sahara Refugees Camps," Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 132 (May 2014) [open access]

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