26 February 2015

New - and Free - Issue of JICJ Explores Intersection of Refugee & Criminal Law

A special issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (JICJ) has just been published.  The theme is "The Interaction between Refugee Law and International Criminal Justice."  It includes 16 articles and four book reviews, all of which - happily! - are freely available (although on a temporary basis only). Read the introduction for a complete overview of the contents.

Topical Issues:
  • Systematising Systemic Integration: ‘War Refugees’, Regime Relations, and a Proposal for a Cumulative Approach to International Commitments [text]
  • The Laws of War and the Protection of ‘War Refugees’: Reflections on the Debate and its Future Directions [text]
  • Gender at the Intersection of International Refugee Law and International Criminal Law [text]
  • The Interaction between International Refugee Law and International Criminal Law with respect to Child Soldiers [text]
  • Assessing Ability and Willingness of States: What Can the ICC Learn from International Refugee Law? [text]
  • Human Trafficking: Mapping the Legal Boundaries of International Refugee Law and Criminal Justice [text]
Symposium on Exclusion and Post-Exclusion from Refugee Status:
  • Harmonizing Exclusion under the Refugee Convention by Reference to the Evidentiary Standards of International Criminal Law [text]
  • Exclusion under Article 1F(b) of the Refugee Convention: The Uncertain Concept of Internationally Serious Common Crimes [text]
  • Terrorism and Article 1F(c) of the Refugee Convention: Exclusion from Refugee Status in the United Kingdom [text]
  • Jurisdictional Competence Through Protection: To What Extent Can States Prosecute the Prior Crimes of Those to Whom They Have Extended Refuge? [text]
  • Refugee Exclusion and Extradition in the Netherlands: Rwanda as Precedent? [text]
  • Protecting Witnesses at the International Criminal Court from Refoulement [text]
National Issues:
  • Australia’s Treatment of Asylum Seekers: From Human Rights Violations to Crimes Against Humanity [text]
  • Left Out of Exclusion: International Criminal Law and the ‘Persecutor Bar’ in US Refugee Law [text]
  • The Notion of Complicity in UK Refugee Law [text]
  • Ezokola v. Canada: The Correct Place of International Criminal Law in International Refugee Law-making [text]

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