01 February 2015

New Book Titles

Please check out my Pinterest page for new books due out in February 2015. I've also added information about a few newl titles to the Jan. 2015 and the New Legal Texts book boards.

If you are not a member of Pinterest, these new titles are listed below for your reference (organized by title).

February 2015:

Simon A. Waldman, Anglo-American Diplomacy and the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1948-51, Palgrave Macmillan, Feb. 2015

Michael Balfour, Penny Bundy, Bruce Burton, Julie Dunn & Nina Woodrow, Applied Theatre: Resettlement Drama, Refugees and Resilience, Bloomsbury, Feb. 2015

Bidisha, Asylum and Exile: The Hidden Voices of London, Seagull Press, Feb. 2015

Katrina M. Powell, Identity and Power in Narratives of Displacement, Routledge, Feb. 2015

Robert E.B. Lucas, ed., International Handbook on Migration and Economic Development, Edward Elgar Publishing, Feb. 2015; see esp. Chapter 13, “Growth in Forced Displacement: Cross-Country, Sub-National and Household Evidence on Potential Determinants” and Chapter 14, “Economic Consequences of Conflict and Environmental Displacement”

Ben Herzog, Revoking Citizenship: Expatriation in America from the Colonial Era to the War on Terror, NYU Press, Feb. 2015

Louis DeSipio & Rodolfo de la Garza, US Immigration in the Twenty-First Century: Making Americans, Remaking America, Westview Press, Feb. 2015

January 2015:

Adrian Favell, Immigration, Integration and Mobility: New Agendas in Migration Studies - Essays 1998–2014, ECPR Press, Jan. 2015

Soheila Pashang & Sheila Gruner, eds., Roots and Routes of Displacement and Trauma: From Analysis to Advocacy and Policy to Practice, Rock’s Mills Press, Jan. 2015

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, South-South Educational Migration, Humanitarianism and Development: Views from the Caribbean, North Africa and the Middle East, Routledge, Jan. 2015

New Legal Texts:

Kay Hailbronner & Daniel Thym, eds., EU Immigration and Asylum Law: A Commentary, 2nd ed., Hart Publishing, Jan. 2015

Eric Fripp, ed., The Law and Practice of Expulsion and Exclusion from the United Kingdom: Deportation, Removal, Exclusion and Deprivation of Citizenship, Hart Publishing, Dec. 2014

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