20 May 2015

New Issue of RSQ

The latest issue of the Refugee Survey Quarterly (RSQ) has been published.  Contents of vol. 34, no. 2, June 2015 include:

  • “Rather Than Talking in Tamil, They Should Be Talking to Tamils”: Sri Lankan Tamil Refugee Readiness for Repatriation [abstract]
  • From Ad Hoc to Universal: The International Refugee Regime from Fragmentation to Unity 1922–1954 [full-text via Academia.edu] 
  • Refugees’ Conceptualizations of “Protection Space”: Geographical Scales of Urban Protection and Host–Refugee Relations [abstract]
  • Getting Refugees to Work: A Street-level Perspective of Refugee Resettlement Policy [abstract]
  • Recognizing Refugee Status for Victims of Trafficking and the Myth of Progress [abstract]

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