29 May 2015

Thematic Focus: Education

Access to Education for Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Jordan Host Communities: Joint Education Needs Assessment Report (Education Sector Working Group, March 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Asylum Seeker and Refugee Children Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Childhood Educator’s Role," Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, vol. 39, no. 1 (March 2014) [free full-text]

Audit of the Arrangements for Supporting Education Programmes for Refugees in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Report 2015/033 (Office of Internal Oversight Services, April 2015) [text]

Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges (UNESCO, April 2015) [access]
- Follow link for report and other resources; see also related NRC news story.

Immigrant and Refugee Workers in the Early Childhood Field: Taking a Closer Look (Migration Policy Institute, April 2015) [text]

"Improving Educational Achievement for Students from Somali Backgrounds in Auckland, New Zealand: An Evaluation of a School Catch-up Programme," Australasian Review of African Studies, vol. 35, no. 2 (Dec. 2014) [full-text]

"Refugees and Access to Vocational Education and Training across Europe: A Case of Protection of White Privilege?," Journal of Vocational Education & Training, vol. 67, no. 2 (2015) [abstract] [postprint via Univ. of East London IR]

Securing Education for Syrian Refugees in Jordan (International Peace Institute, May 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

"'The struggle for welcome': Valuing Difference through Refugee Stories in the English Curriculum," English in Australia, vol. 49, no. 3 (2014) [eprint via Queensland Univ. of Technology IR]

"Teacher-youth Inter-informant Agreement on the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) in a Community Sample of Refugee and Immigrant Adolescents in Montreal," Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/Revue canadienne des jeunes chercheures et chercheurs en éducation, vol. 5, no. 3 (2014) [open access]

Towards a Global and Regional Framework to Address the Education of Somali Refugees (Samuel Hall, Feb. 2015) [text via ALNAP]

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