04 May 2015

Regional Focus: Asia

*Asian Refugees: The Case of China, Vietnam, North Korea, and the International Community, Undergraduate Honors Thesis (University of Colorado Boulder, Spring 2015) [text]

Cambodia: Register, not Return, Vietnamese Asylum Seekers (HRW, May 2015) [text]

From Humanitarian to Economic: The Changing Face of Vietnamese Migration (Migration Information Source, April 2015) [text]

Lawsuit Challenges Japan’s High Standard for Refugees (The View from Above Blog, April 2015) [text]

Migrant Smuggling in Asia: Current Trends and Related Challenges (UNODC, April 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

"No Easy Refuge in Ancestral Land: Kokang Refugees Receive Inadequate Humanitarian Assistance and Legal Protection in China," Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 59 (May 2015) [full-text]

"Refugee Repatriation: The Sri Lankan Case," Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 59 (May 2015) [full-text]

The Risk of Disaster-induced Displacement in South Asia (IDMC, April 2015) [text]


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